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How it works?

Connect a chat bot
Register for free, then use the BotConstructor service to create a chatbot in the desired messenger or connect an existing Facebook page.
Customize bot's logic
Use a ready-made scenario of chatbot behavior from the catalog of ready-made scenarios. Or create a scenario based on a basic template. Or create a completely new scenario for chatbot behavior that will 100% solve your specific tasks.
Track and improve
Analyze the statistics of your chat bot, find and improve problem areas in the logic of it's work. Improve the quality of customer service and, at the same time, the number of conversions and sales!

Use case

Chatbot customer advisor
Most of the questions that customers send to support are repetitive and frequently asked. Answers to such questions can be easily provided by a chatbot. Moreover, the chatbot will do it better than a real person, if only because the bot does not have a bad mood, the bot does not rush home and it does not forget anything, everything that is included in its logic of work will be sent to the client. BotConstructor service will allow you to create a chat bot to support your customers, will allow you to maintain a database of questions and answers, will allow you to add new questions and answer options, edit old ones.
Chatbot for an online store
Each online store is unique, created by different people, with different qualifications, using different technologies. Clients, in turn, can have different devices, different browsers. And very often it happens that making an order through a website, for example, from a phone, is not very convenient, due to the fact that the store, for example, is not optimized for a small screen, or the site has not been tested in the client's browser / device. It so happens that the client is simply too lazy to figure out "how exactly the ordering process is arranged in this store". The ordering process through a chatbot is devoid of all these shortcomings. Most people know how to use a messenger better than a casual online store. The interface for interacting with the chatbot is extremely simple - it is a dialogue. For the client, this is a very convenient way of interaction, as if he is placing an order with the help of a consultant.
Chatbot for polls
It is very convenient to conduct polls in the messenger using a chat bot. No need to create HTML forms, write processing code, save data. You can do everything yourself using the BotConstructor service. In turn, it is convenient and quick for clients to give answers in the messenger. The chatbot can offer options for answers, it can check the correctness of the data entered, ask something again or prompt the client. Another huge advantage is that there is a connection between the client and the bot, even after the end of the interaction. And if necessary, the chatbot can send a message to the client later, request additional information, or notify about something.
Chatbot of registration for services
A fairly simple process of registering for services can be organized through a chat bot. In just a few questions, you can determine the service, the date and time of its provision. Save to calendar, send to administrator. If necessary, the administrator can unsubscribe to the client instead of the chatbot and provide the necessary information. After providing the service, the bot can ask the client how everything went, whether the client is satisfied or not. And this whole communication process takes place very conveniently and naturally for the client through dialogue. Also, an important point for business is that the contact with the client remains for a long time, the chatbot remains with the client in the messenger and creates an instant communication channel between the client and you, which many clients will certainly use again.

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