Terms of Use


Welcome to BotConstructor. BotConstructor is an online service that allows developers, individuals, companies and agencies to create, host and manage chatbots.

These Terms of Use (hereinafter simply "Terms") constitute a binding contract between you and BotConstructor ("we" and "us").

Can these Terms change over time?

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services, so these conditions may need to be changed in the future. We reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time. You can always get acquainted with the current conditions on our portal, in the appropriate section.

If you do not agree to the new terms of use, you may reject them; unfortunately, this means that you will no longer be able to use our services. If you use the Services in any way after the terms have changed, this means that you agree to all the changes and the terms as a whole.

What are the main use cases for BotConstructor?

You may be required to create an account and log into BotConstructor with your Facebook or Google account or another third party account and select a password and username. You promise to provide us with accurate, complete and up-to-date registration information about yourself. You may not transfer your account to anyone else without our prior written permission.

You represent and warrant that you are of legal age to enter into a binding contract (or, if not, that you have obtained your parent's or guardian's permission to use the service and agree to these Terms of Use).

You may use the Services only for your personal, non-commercial use and only in a manner that complies with all laws applicable to you. If your use of the Services is prohibited by applicable law, then you may not use our service. We cannot and will not be held liable for your actions that violate the law.

You will not share your account or password with anyone, and you must protect the security of your account and your password. You are responsible for any activity related to your account.

Your use of the Service is subject to the following additional restrictions:

You warrant and agree that you will not post any material that:

  1. Violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of anyone else (including BotConstructor);
  2. Violates any laws or regulations;
  3. Is harmful, fraudulent, misleading, threatening, offensive, defamatory, obscene;
  4. Compromises the security of your BotConstructor account or anyone else's account;
  5. To obtain passwords, account data or other information from any other user;
  6. Breaks the security of any computer network, cracks passwords or security, encryption codes;
  7. Launches mass mailings (so-called "spam") on the Services or any process that disrupts the normal operation of the Service in any way (including by placing an unreasonable load on our infrastructure);

Violation of any of the foregoing shall be grounds for termination of your right to use the Service.

Do I have to grant any licenses to BotConstructor or other users?

Anything you post, upload, share, store or otherwise make available through the Service. The chatbots, scripts, datasets you create are your "User Data".

For all User Data, you grant BotConstructor a license to translate, modify, and reproduce in any way.

If you store User Submissions in your personal BotConstructor account in a manner that is not viewable by other users other than you, you grant BotConstructor a license to display, perform and distribute your Personal User Submissions for the sole purpose of making that Personal User Submission available to you.

You agree that the licenses you grant are free, perpetual, sub-licensable, irrevocable and worldwide.

If you are using the free version of our Service, all of your chatbots will automatically include links to BotConstructor.com. You agree not to remove, modify, or obscure the BotConstructor attribution.

All chatbots and scripts are themselves considered public. When you create chatbots, you grant BotConstructor a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide license to use any chatbots you create in BotConstructor's marketing materials and provide any templates for creating such chatbots to any other users.

In addition to the above, we may monitor and collect data about your use of the Service.

Finally, you understand and agree that BotConstructor, in order to perform the necessary technical steps to provide services to our users (including you), may need to make changes to your user materials to align and adapt them to the technical requirements of connection networks, devices, services or multimedia, and the aforementioned licenses include the rights to do so.

What if I see something in the Services that violates my copyright?

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and reserve the right to remove or disable allegedly infringing content, up to and including the complete suspension of the offending account.

What is the cost of providing services?

BotConstructor currently offers both a free version of the Service and a paid version. If you are using the free version of the services, we will notify you before any services become paid, and if you wish to continue using such services, you will be required to pay all fees for them. BotConstructor reserves the right to charge fees for certain or all services in the future.

The cost of services may change in the future, according to our pricing strategy, and you are aware of and agree to this.

Automatic renewal of paid services. Unless you opt out of auto-renewing services (which can be done through your account settings) that you have subscribed to, they will automatically renew. If you choose not to renew a paid service, you will be able to use the services until the end of the current term and your subscription will not be renewed after the current term has expired. However, you will not be entitled to a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the current subscription period.

What if I want to stop using BotConstructor?

You can stop using the service at any time.

Deleting an account may destroy any services, chatbots, scripts, knowledge bases, and any information associated with your account, so keep this in mind before you decide to close your account. We will endeavor to provide you with prior notice before we permanently terminate your account.

BotConstructor may also restrict your access to the service or your account, for any reason in our sole discretion, including your violation of these terms. BotConstructor has the sole right to decide if you violate any of the restrictions set forth in these terms.

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